Can my business benefit from a website?

The simple answer is 'Yes'. Today every business is expected to have a website and an ever increasing percentage of consumers research products and services online rather than visiting multiple physical stores. If you don't have a website, you won't be considered. At a minimum it is advisable for your business to have a brochure style website with an overview of what you do and your contact information.

How can a website improve my business?

A website offers many potential improvements to your business including:

* Allows you to reach new customers and expose your products and services to a wider audience

* Project a professional image to your consumers

* Increased selling opportunities through e-commerce

* Cost effective marketing - your business website now rivals word of mouth as the best way to market your business on a cost v benefit basis

* Provide accurate detailed information about your products and services that is hard to get across any other way

How long does it take for a site to be completed?

As a general rule, usually about 2 weeks for a standard site and 2-6 weeks for an E-Commerce site. At times we can accelerate the timeline if a client has a specific deadline - this is negotiated on a case by case basis. Often the biggest holdup is waiting for content (text and images) to arrive from the client - having these prepared in advance will make the process faster.

Do I need to have a domain name?

You need to have a domain name so that people can find your new website, but if you don't have one already we can register your desired name for you on your behalf.

What are the ongoing costs once the site has been completed?

The only ongoing cost is the "hosting" of your site. Your site needs to reside on a server (or host) so that it will be accessible to internet users. The website owner needs to pay a small amount for the use of this space, usually on a monthly basis. You can organise your own hosting, or we can organise this for you. The hosting provided by Horizon Web Design is usually around $10ex GST per month unless you have a very large site.

Is a face to face meeting required?

No. We are based in Wagga Wagga, NSW and are happy to meet with you if you are in our area. We do however often complete projects for out of area clients using email and telephone communication only.

What after sales support do you offer?

After the completion of your website we are always available to resolve problems, change or update the site. Tweaks and amendments to the site are free in the first month after launch. Beyond that we will continue to offer advise and minor troubleshooting for free within reason, but any sizable modifications or additions will incur our standard hourly rate.